With every event, questions arise. Where can I park my car? Can I bring my pets? I enjoy performing a musical
number or two, can I get up on stage for a quick cameo? (absolutely not.)

We thought it’d be easiest to pop up on here all of the past, present and prospective questions asked
regarding our festival. We’ll also answer them as clearly as possible for your convenience and knowhow! 🙂
Let’s hop to it…

questions bcbf crowd shot
Can I bring chairs?

Unfortunately, due to occupational health and safety, we cannot permit chairs onto the grounds. Picnic
rugs however, are very welcome and encouraged!

Free and near Parking?

Yes, parking is free for the day. Please see our “Getting There” section in “Event Info” on our website for
parking and transport.

Are there pass outs?

Yes, as long as you wear your wrist band, you can come and go as you please.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, due to pets being an occupational health and safety risk, we cannot permit them into the
venue. Especially with the little ones running around!


The closest ATMs you’ll find are located in the CBD. We recommend having enough cash in your pocket
to get entry tickets if not already purchased. Once inside the gates of heaven, there are
ATMs available to purchase tokens for food and drinks! 🙂

Dress code?

None whatsoever. Go rogue, dress to impress, wear your runners if you plan on participating in the main
sprint. The choice is yours, the world is your oyster.

beer run
Prohibited Items include, but are not limited to:

Outside Alcohol
Outside Food & Beverage
Chairs (OH&S concern)
Illegal Drugs
Other items as determined by BCBF management



BCBF maintains the right to handle any occurrence on the day, case by case.
Ticket holders may be requested to remove prohibited items from event, item pending. Worse than that,
dismissal from event may occur, and no one wants that to happen! Play by the rules and a guaranteed
great day is on the cards for all.
Most importantly, we want you to enjoy yourselves. See you on March the 25th!


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